Welcome to Anchorage

I haven’t blogged in a while and for that I apologize. If you follow me on FB you know why. I’ve been busy! The Great Alaskan Adventure has begun!

Today will be my first day on air at my new station, KTVA. I’m reporting nightside, and I think my story might be about the city of Anchorage possibly canceling their moose hunts this year. (Or a part of them, I really need to study this a little more as it’s very foreign to me.) There is a meeting tonight to discuss the repercussions/benefits from such an action. I’m glad my first story involves a moose. A fire, shooting, stabbing, or school board meeting would be way too lower 48 for me. (This is news, and the story topic is subject to change at any moment.)

The station is a work in progress. GCI, the cable company up here, bought out KTVA about two years ago and has completely rebuilt the studios, purchased all new equipment, hired many new people, and now call themselves the New KTVA. Another station up here has dominated the news world, and we are now primed to give them a hefty dose of competition. It’s exciting to be a part of a new beginning! The set is amazing, and won awards last year for Set of the Year. Later this week I will co-anchor the 6 o’clock show so I will get the opportunity to spend some QT with it! Thus far everyone has been very friendly and inviting, as not to long ago most of them were me, just getting here themselves.

As for getting settled, a lot of people have reached out with questions about the move, the family dynamics involved, and various other questions. It’s been hard to respond to everyone so here goes:

The twins, along with their babysitter, will be arriving within a few weeks. They’re staying here for the duration, however long that ends up being, and they’re excited about the mountains, worried about Bigfoot, and can’t wait to see their new home. The big boys, being a tougher age to disrupt their world of school, friends, and activities, will be visiting in March and then up for the entire summer. We face time regularly, text all the time, and they are excited about the adventures waiting for them up here!

It’s almost 10 am, it’s getting light outside. George left last night and so I’m on my own now. It hasn’t really hit me yet. He and I had some tearful moments while he was here, but dropping him at the airport last night, somehow I got through it. (I think mostly because it was cold, and the car was warm, so I wanted back in,) He helped me get settled, car shopped with me, had a few adventures, and will be back soon. Love that crazy man.

I’ll be throwing myself into my work and giving it all I’ve got. I’ll be back in CT for a long weekend in mid-February. Counting the days until my days have some six year old giggles in them again.

There are 3,351 miles between Anchorage and Hartford and 4,468 miles by car.

That’s far.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Anchorage

  1. Butch

    You are insightful and you are living my dream,always wanted to be a writer,guess that is why I would write down my dreams when I awoke before a would forget them.
    The little I know about you I really like,you were easy to talk with and as what you are without knowing that much personally is there are alot of losers that let you get away!



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