The $99 post…

Well, it is late. It’s been a night of nights. A couple of coworkers invited me out for a drink after work. I went. Good times and while I’m sure they had no idea how much I needed the camaraderie, I am grateful for the distraction.

Afterwards, I met up with an old friend…perhaps, someone I have written about in the past. (Shameless plug to encourage y’all to go back and read the old blogs.) On my way to visit, I heard a song on the radio for the first time. Music is a powerful thing, capable of striking us down or raising us up with a note or two. Sara Bareillis, “She Used to be Mine.” Instant tears. It is not about a lost love, it is about losing the person you were or thought you would become. Listen. It’s me.

The song speaks for itself to the point that I don’t feel I need to write about it. But, as I sat chatting this evening, we talked about my writing and apparently the word is on the street I am pretty good at it and people do actually read it. I thought I’d write about music and some of the songs that have hit me over the past year or two, find a way to be clever about it, and hopefully find comfort in knowing I made someone laugh. Somewhere between the glass of wine and home I had shifted gears from music and was going to write a post titled “What’s in a name” and I have every intention of doing so…tomorrow. (Or maybe the next day. Or maybe later this week but definitely before November.) Then I logged on.

“Your page has expired.” What?!?!?! I’ve been at this for a year?!?! Holy crap, I don’t have a lot to show for it. I probably should have been more diligent, written more, shared more, whatever. I didn’t. So, after entering my payment info, this post has cost me $99 and made me think about refocusing.

The name post cannot be overshadowed by the $99. It’s going to be more like a $150 post. Maybe even $200. Perhaps priceless.

Back to music, because I am tired and want to sleep and it seems a lot easier to continue that line of thought…

If you are one of the few who will actually take the time to google the song, listen, and learn, thank you. That’s why I write. If you’re not, I leave you with this:

This is the song that doesn’t end…

Yes it goes on and on my friend.

Some people started singing it not knowing what it was  and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…

This is the song that doesn’t end…

See?!?! I hope you learned your lesson and will just do as I say. So much easier for everyone in the end.

Music is a powerful thing. Sing. Dance. Cry. Do what it leads you to do.

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