Mom Unattended

Zachary is at sleepover camp this week. Realizing I haven’t posted here in a really long time, I decided to share the letters I have been sending him each day. Poor kid …

Day 1 …

Dear Zachary,

4:00 pm
I just left you at camp. I’m missing you already. To celebrate… I mean commiserate … I decided to drown my sorrows in a glass of bubbly while sitting on the deck of a restaurant overlooking Lake George. Such mixed emotions knowing you, my favorite middle child named Zach, is somewhere along this very same lake … without me. (It also breaks my heart that the glass of bubbly is now empty and the waitress is taking too long to get me a refill…doesn’t she know who I am?)

7 pm
As I was walking back to my car I was lured into one of the arcades by all those flashing lights … and an incredible sense of freedom that I can spend all $20 playing games myself and wouldn’t have to sneak tokens out of your cup. So, I played skee ball, and that silly ball drop game and then hit the jackpot on the wheel of fortune. Everyone cheered … I felt so special. I used the 8000 tickets to buy two pixie sticks, a small rubber chicken and a super bouncy ball I will throw at my sister before losing it under the car seat for the next eight months.

9:00 pm
Home. It’s so quiet. Your door is closed. I just can’t take it.
I am going to walk down to Stewart’s and buy myself that extra scoop I never let you kids get.

It’s now 10 pm and that’s lights out for you in your cabin. I just turned up the music and am now singing along to Ed Sheeran in the kitchen while chasing that ice cream with one of your pop tarts and some root beer. (I know, I know … I never keep soda in the house … but sometimes it’s ok.)

I love you and miss you lots!

Mom Unattended

P.S.  Remember to change your underwear.

Day 2

Dearest Zachary,

Wow … that was a long first day and a half. I didn’t think I’d miss you this much but I do.
Yesterday, I ran out of laundry detergent. I yelled up the stairs for you because I was going to send you to the store to get more … but you didn’t answer. I suppose I could go myself but I think I’ll just wait and make you do it on Friday night.
When I first got home from work the deafening silence in the house was overwhelming. I panicked for a minute when I didn’t hear you yelling at a video game with those silly headphones on, wondering perhaps if you od’d on Mario Kart … and then I remembered you are at camp … device and game free … making friends.
I poured a glass of wine and started to look at your baby pictures. How time flies! A tear fell down my cheek…then another … then another. Then I realized I was really crying because the wine was empty so I poured another glass.
The camp posts pictures on their website everyday. You weren’t smiling in your group shot. Smile. It makes people wonder what you’re up to.I think I saw one of you and Nate swimming … bravo for getting in the water!
Ok … I must go put my game face on and go to work. Someone has to make the $$$ to pay for this 5-star dream vacation you are on. (Yesterday my story took me to the Berkshires … I pretended I was on vacation, too, if just for a moment.)
I love you and hope you’re having fun … and if you’re not don’t ever tell me because you are there instead of me sitting on an island with bottomless drinks and pool boys named Juan and Sven.
Mom Unattended
Brush your teeth. Girls don’t like boys without teeth.
Day 3
Hello Z …

Tuesday was rough. I drove to the airport for my story and my car died in the private jet terminal parking lot. I secretly hoped it wouldn’t be able to start again and some rich and handsome man would whisk me away to an exotic island in his plane … but that didn’t happen. The very friendly parking guys jumped the car and alas I’m now back on Tinder trying to find someone to buy me a burger and fries. FML.
The new car battery cost $125 so that means less presents at Christmas time.
When I got home there was a soccer ball lying in the middle of the yard. It wasn’t there in the morning. A ghost??? Reminders of happier times when the sounds of children could be heard all through the house??? (In reality the woman who takes care of the garden cleaned up the overgrown brush stuff and it must have been hiding in there … so no kids but it is kind of fun to say I have a gardener.)
I decided to be nice and clean your room like you asked me to. I went upstairs and then I remembered YOU didn’t clean YOUR room like I asked you to. So, I decided to flip all of your pants and shirts inside out and put them back in the drawers. Now, when you get home, you’ll know how absolutely insane it drives me to have to flip them right side out when I’m doing laundry.
I have a date tonight. He’s in the Navy. I like him. Since my last three relationships didn’t make it past the six month mark I figure this is a surefire way to break those records as he’s deploying next month until March. My new secret to success will be to be with someone I can’t be with! (And that means more time for quality me and you time….it’s a win for everyone.)
Ok … I’m off to start this day. I really do miss you. Lots. I didn’t see any pictures of you yesterday on the website so I’ll hope you’re having fun and not sulking in your cabin all day. The weathermen say it will be dry today and tomorrow … but they’re usually wrong … but in case they’re not remember to put on sunscreen.
Love always,
Mom Unattended

Make sure you’re putting on deodorant … and reapply in the afternoon.

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