Welcome to my About Me page! In the spirit of laziness,  I have chosen to copy and paste parts of my now inactive Match.com profile and mixed that up with some other important info. (It got me a bunch of dates so I’m hoping it brings the followers as well.) I decided to start this blog/website because I have heard many times that I should write a book or have a reality series and this seemed like a happy medium. As I write it is my hope there will be laughs, a few tears, several WTF’s, harrowing stories of survival, inspirational wisdom, life pondering moments, shoes, wine, and runny noses.


I am thirty-something …. twice divorced. (This was not info shared on Match …. I would always drop that bomb on the first date.)

I am spontaneous, free spirited, strong willed. I worked in interior design for years but felt unfulfilled….so I decided to finally follow my heart and switched careers. I’m finally doing what I should have done 14 years ago and am happy to be doing it close to family and friends. (I’m a local television news reporter …. everyday is an adventure.) I love a glass of red wine after a loooong day at work. Fine dining is great but fancy schmancy dinners need to be balanced with wings and nachos and beer nights. I’m a city girl at heart with a big soft spot for the country life as well.

Other things to know: I love art and all things colorful. Chocolate and red wine is delicious but my favorite food combination of all time is popcorn and OJ. I appreciate a good pedicure. I love country music but appreciate most other genres as well. I only recently began to enjoy cooking and am told I am pretty good at it….would love to explore more. I have been to most of the islands…three times each….but have never been to Europe. It’s on my list.  I can sing show tunes really well if it is after midnight and I’ve had wine. I produced and starred in a play in a little black box theater in NYC….I just started doing stand-up comedy and my first performance was at Caroline’s on Broadway. Someday I will write a book …. I love a good challenge.

Children …. I have some…. 4 at last count. (I had 6 for a while …… that was rough.)  My oldest sons are 9 and 11 and I have six year old adopted twins. We are having fun on this crazy journey called life and should you choose to follow, you’ll learn a lot more about all of us!



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